Entrap By Human Released by God.

The verse from proverbs29 (pro29:25) made me ponder, the world and the people here are in a snare because they fear men, many among you all, have fears, fears taking you to a trapped situation from where running away has been hard always. Fear of loosing someone, a job, a relationship, a position, respect, yourself […]

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Know Your Purpose.

God’s Purpose for Himself The journey to discovering our purpose is to begin by asking what is God’s purpose. What is God’s goal in creating and governing the world? Why does He exist and what is His reason for being? If we are seeking to follow Him it is important to know where He is […]

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Sin and Doubt

Why do sincere Christians still doubt their eternal destiny? Why do we lack assurance of our salvation? One reason many Christians aren’t sure of their salvation is because they still sin, and they fear God may reject them because of it. Even when we sin, the Bible says, “The Lord is gracious and compassionate, slow […]

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Our Only Hope

If we cannot save ourselves by our own efforts, is there any hope? Can our lives be different? Can we know for sure that we will go to heaven when we die? The answer is yes- and the reason is because what JESUS Christ did for us. We can have our sins forgiven, and we […]

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Which Way It Will Be? You and I are on a journey; we have been on it since the day we were born, and it won’t end until our time on earth is finished. But what kind of journey will it be for you? The answer to that question is in your hands. You can’t […]

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Sun Stand Still☀️🌅

The Prayer That Stopped the Sun Right here on Day 1, I’’m going to throw out a challenge to you: If you’’re not daring to believe God for the impossible… you’’re sleeping through some of the best parts of your Christian life. And further still, if the size of your vision for your life isn’’t […]

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Made to be God’s Friends.

God created us to have a personal relationship with himself. To put it another way, He created us to be his friends. This was the divine plan right from the beginning, when Adam and Eve were first created — and it had its origin in the love of God. God wants you to be His […]

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